A Common Sense Alternative

The proposed Columbia River Crossing (CRC) was designed to reduce I-5 freeway congestion and improve truck freight movement.  Recent newspaper articles have described the CRC as unaffordable and unresponsive to many of the issues that the CRC needed to address.

The Common Sense Alternative (CSA) was prepared to demonstrate a feasible alternative to the CRC.  It was developed pro bono after a series of meetings and discussions with local engineering, transportation and financial experts.  George Crandall, FAIA,  who served as a project manager on the proposed Mt. Hood Freeway project, assembled the CSA using the collective wisdom of the local experts.  It is hoped that the CSA will give the public and decision makers  the information they need to redirect the CRC project. 

The CSA presentation was prepared for and presented to Oregon’s CRC Legislative Oversight Committee.

To view presentation click here.