Portland’s Protected Bikeway Beta

Recently, Portland opened its first true cycle track on Cully Boulevard in a lower income area about seven miles from the center of the city. Last Saturday, while riding through the neighborhood, I had a chance to take a few photographs with my I-phone and note a few of my observations of how the facility is functioning.  Generally, I would say it is successful and a welcome addition to this neighborhood.

As a beta  test for future neighborhood cycle track projects, such as PBOT’s current North Williams Traffic Safety Project, there are some well done elements that can be replicated and some that can be improved upon. First the good. 1) The bikeway is well separated by landscaping and grade transitions from the sidewalk to avoid conflicts. 2) The concrete bikeway surface is easy to ride on and visually differentiates the bikeway from the parking lane. 3)  The intersections are well designed to avoid right hooks.

On the down side. 1) Most significantly, the rolled curbs are problematic. They are easily mountable by vehicles and as a result, those not familiar with the facility park on the bikeway adjacent to the curb. 2)  The door zone is poorly differentiated and too narrow.

A good start but a work in progress.


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